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Now that my final project is functioning and completed, I decided to take on the task of switching my class components to functional components using React Hooks to keep up with the latest technology.

First, I will start by changing the name of the component from:

class PostsList extends Component


function PostsList(props)

This allows me to remove the “Component” part from import, since it is not longer needed and change it to useState, which is a hook allowing us to use local state in our functional component.

import React, { useState } from 'react';

State is now set using…

For our fifth and final project at FlatIron, we were tasked with building a full stack, single page application using React and Redux as the frontend and a Rails API as the backend. My project idea was to create an app for people new to the tech community who want to connect with other new “techies” and see what they are up to (i.e. how the job search is going, some interview advice, etc.)

Setting up the backend

Setting up the backend was a breeze — using scaffold when generating models is truly painless. The three models I have are: User, Post, and Friendship…

For our fourth project at Flatiron, we were ask to build a single page application using JavaScript as the front end and a Rails API as the backend. My single page application idea was to have a page showing books people have recently read, as well as some recommendations if a person liked a particular book. There is the ability to “like” a book, so users can see what the most popular books are via how many likes it has.

Setting up the backend

Setting up the backend was relatively painless — rails has most of it already laid out for you if you…

For our third project at Flatiron, we were asked to build a fully functioning rails app. My project idea was to create an app to track races people have run. I am an avid runner myself, and I thought it would be handy to have all of your races in one spot. A functionality I added is when a user adds a race to their profile, they can add their finish time and a short review about how they felt about the race. …

For our second project at Flatiron School, we had to build a content management website using Sinatra. My project idea was to create an application to keep track of a user’s collection of board games, as well as being able to view other user’s collections. This may seem silly to someone who is not an avid board gamer, however when you own over 200 games, it’s nice to be able to keep track of which games you have. …

At Flatiron School, our first project was to code (in ruby) a CLI terminal application using external data. The API I chose to get data from was one that contained trivia questions from a variety of different categories. The way I envisioned my project functioning was for a user to open up the app, choose a category, answer the question, and get correct/incorrect feedback. I also wanted to a “score” element to make it more fun and competitive.

My approach was to parse data from the API using JSON, then iterate over the hash and create an object in my…

There’s not one simple answer as to why I chose to pursue software engineering . It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind for some time, and certain instances recently have pushed me to enroll in Flatiron School. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Chemistry and have been working in the chemical field ever since. Initially, I was excited to start my career in this field — it seemed so interesting and exciting. As the years passed, I began to become disheartened about how far my career could progress solely with a bachelors degree. I thought…


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