Book Journey — JavaScript Project

Setting up the backend

Setting up the backend was relatively painless — rails has most of it already laid out for you if you use the scaffold option when creating models. My two models are: a Book model and a Recommendation model. The relationships are: books have many recommendations, and a recommendation belongs to a book. I pulled books from a few different end points of the New York Times books API and seeded the data into my database.

Dealing with the asynchronous nature of JavaScript

As I started building my webpage, I decided I wanted to list book recommendations underneath their respective books. Since JavaScript doesn’t have the same handy methods ActiveRecord does, I needed to think a bit about how to display these associations properly. I started with a method in the recommendation class to find all recommendations associated with the passed in bookId


Sorting Books by “most-liked”

Another functionality I added to my application was the ability to sort books from most to least liked. I attached an event listener to a button, with the following callback function:




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