CLI Trivia

Iterators, arrays, hashes and allllll the variables

def self.random_question(question)puts "#{question.question}"
answers = []
answers << question.correct_answer
answers << question.incorrect_answers
randomized = answers.flatten.shuffle
q_a = {q: question, a: randomized}
randomized.each.with_index do |answer, i|
puts "#{i + 1}. #{answer}"
def self.check_answer(q_a, input)
true if q_a[:q].correct_answer == input
def check_question
input = gets.strip.to_i - 1
answer = TriviaQuestion.check_answer(@q_a, @q_a[:a][input])
if answer && input.between?(0, 3)
puts "You got it!"


Pry is your best friend!!!

Instance Variables

@q = sorted_categories[input - 1]
@qs = TriviaQuestion.questions_in_category(@q.category)




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